I love eyecandy.

I love details.

I love to (re)create beauty.

Hello, I'm Thomas...

I'm an english/german/polish speaking 3D artist specialized in architecture and product photography. I am currently based in MONTREAL, Canada.

In 2013 I helped creating the IMAARI online shoe configurator, which was the kickstart of my freelancing career. Since then I was involved in various architectural exterior and interior visualization projects. From time to time I visualize design concepts and products in typical studio environments.

Since 2012 I am holding a Bachelor of Arts degree in Communication Design specialized in photography which is the foundation of my visualization career.

I am experienced in using 3dsmax, OctaneRender, V-Ray, Corona, Photoshop and After Effects.
I also use Fusion360 from Autodesk for hardsurface modeling and gained experience in illuminating with HDR Light Studio.